About Us

We love boutique clothing because it is unique and you don't have to feel like everyone else is wearing what you are or they know where you got it.  After going to local boutiques and seeing just how much you had to pay to have those unique clothing items, it was a big turn off.  My daughter and I thought there had to be a way to get the look without paying the big price tag.  Sharing a love of fashion we have decided to branch out from selling homemade items on Etsy, to offering what a lot of other people have also been looking for, a chic boutique offering anything from basics to trendy at an affordable price.  Unhappy in our previous careers we had to follow our hearts and do what we love, which is making others love what they are wearing.  


My name is Carla, and I love fashion, sewing, crochet, chihuahuas, cooking and gardening.  I have watched my mother sew and crochet growing up and have always loved anything crafty.  I love textiles and fashion, which is why I love our shop.  We hope you love it also.


 My name is Tiffany and I am a fan of clothes, cars, make-up, and honestly anything else fashionable. I get carried away picking out clothes in stores but have found it hard to find clothing priced at awesome prices, which is why I love our shop. I love quality products that I can wear over different seasons and I love to mix-and-match!